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The Jukebox Family at BET Experience
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The JB Fam had lots of fun at WOD Live 2017! Performing on stage, meeting other artists and hanging out as a fam in a colder weather is a definite plus!

RaeRae on Battling (Freestyle Contests)
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I love battling. All the training before hand for just a moment. It’s scary, exciting and fun for all the same reasons. Having no idea what your opponent’s gonna bring and have against you. What music the DJ will play, … Read More

My testimonial about our home (The Jukebox)
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The Jukebox is not just a building or a room or a practice spot. What makes the Jukebox what it is are the people who come through it’s doors and decide to contribute and immerse themselves to be a part … Read More

Student Spotlight: Winston aka Commodore
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The Jukebox Family. Nothing has developed me as a person as much as these marvelously sympathetic brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews, who share only the art of dance, and the blood, sweat, and tear shed that comes with … Read More

Open Heart, Open Mind (Open Mic & Open Floor Event)
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On December 29th 2016, we had an event called “Open Heart, Open Mind”. We opened the mic and the floor for all artists; poets, singers, dancers and musicians to express anything and everything they wanted or needed. It was an uncensored … Read More

Hello world!
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