Open Heart, Open Mind (Open Mic & Open Floor Event)

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On December 29th 2016, we had an event called “Open Heart, Open Mind”. We opened the mic and the floor for all artists; poets, singers, dancers and musicians to express anything and everything they wanted or needed. It was an uncensored event and everyone was able to spill out their hearts and their minds unapologetically. The support of one another was felt in the room as artists poured out their doubts, regrets, guilt, anger and confessed their love, hope and passion through their dance, music sung, poetry spoken, each scream of the guitar string. Tears, smiles, screams and laughter filled the space. As the last performer on the list ended their time, a couple more people were compelled to volunteer to get up and say a poem and do a last dance. The event ended with everyone connecting to the music of India Arie’s “I am Light”. When the song ended, everyone embraced each other and expressed their love for one another with “I love you”. It was truly a night of magic and healing. We will definitely be throwing another “Open Heart, Open Mind” in the near future. It was a great reminder of one of Jukebox’s mantras of how “heART heals”.

Photography by: David Ayon

Dance performance by X-Savior Thomas
Winston aka Commodore introducing the next act, after his stunning dance to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”
Maggie Waller facing her fears, singing an a capella
Kaibot announcing Jazzy Fresh & Commodore as the newest prospects to his Hawaii based crew Auto Bots. This was after an outstanding freestyle duet between him and Jazzy Fresh.
Gage aka Gerald Supreme of Products of Infamy, performing his latest banger.
A freestyle rap performance basing his topics from the crowd and the atmosphere.
RaeRae freestyle dancing to a song that Aulani picked for her
All the way from Tucson AZ, a phenomenal guitarist and singer that made the audience ask for an encore performance!
A heartfelt performance by a 13 year old named N8
An emotional and powerful dance by Aaron, dedicated to his brother whom he hasn’t seen in 3 years. It was a very special for Aaron because his brother was in the audience that night.
The audience awaiting the next act
Through out the night, a canvas was passed around for everyone to collaborate on!
Jazzy Fresh, deep in music connection. The song she chose, called “Gorgeous” is a perfect definition of her freestyle dance performance
Kiersten reciting a spoken word poetry. Spilling her heart out so honestly.

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