My testimonial about our home (The Jukebox)

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The Jukebox is not just a building or a room or a practice spot. What makes the Jukebox what it is are the people who come through it’s doors and decide to contribute and immerse themselves to be a part of this indescribable energy. If I was to personify the Jukebox, it would be this entity who does everything and anything for the sake of expression. It would be a dancer who moves however way it wants. A musician who sings and plays everything that makes a sound. An artist who paints with its whole body. A philosopher who is understanding of many perspectives. A magician. A comedian. A chef. A videographer. A photographer. A student. A teacher. A parent. A single mom. An imaginative child. A lover. A dreamer. An activist. A nerd. An athlete. A human being. A human being with animalistic tendencies. A weirdo. A loved weirdo. I can go on and on and describe every single person who has been a part of this dream turned reality, because they are what the Jukebox is. For that, I am forever thankful. #Jukebox #dance #music #art #heART

raerae all styles dancer arizona

by: RaeRae

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