RaeRae on Battling (Freestyle Contests)

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I love battling. All the training before hand for just a moment. It’s scary, exciting and fun for all the same reasons. Having no idea what your opponent’s gonna bring and have against you. What music the DJ will play, or what kind of relationship you’re gonna have with that music. Will it feel like a nerve wrecking first date or a long term passionate commitment? All of that in your head before hand until you enter that battle ground and there’s no turning back that ticking clock. Every second counts. You either control it or let it control you. Have full awareness or black out. The spiritual, physical, mental, emotional preparations before hand and the damage control afterwards. It could drain you but it also fills you back up. It’s life imitating art and vise versa. It’s LIFE! It’s alive and hungry and will eat anyone who comes close! It’s spontaneous, unpredictable, and an adventure of a ride! I love that! I want more!

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